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You know....I presume we all have Guides? Or are supposed to have?

I sense my own "Higher Self" (I prefer to call it my "Complete Self" as the whole concept of "Higher" or "lower" doesn't make good enough sense to me.)

But not once -not ever -have I encountered my "Guide". I have not even sensed that Being and I am pretty good at sensing. I have called out and no one has been there -even when out of body. I am apparently left to my own devices. Even in extremis. There has been nobody there. Well, there have been loved ones but no Being who could be identified as a Spirit Guide.
So....maybe it's just me, and for my personal destiny I have to learn to figure everything out for myself. Okay then, that's what I will do. That's what I always do as far as I am aware! lol

Maybe when I cross over I will meet this "person" (humanoid Being?? Does it even have to be Human in form?) And they will have a right good laugh at me and say they were there all the time spying on me! I will certainly laugh at that for certain because my sense of humour will happily extend to that.
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