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Originally Posted by H:O:R:A:C:E
i suggest that you have no innate need for projecting hate, nor for affixing
blame. those are capabilities that you have, but you're not obligated to
utilize them... you have choice.
my conception of "higher self" is at variance with what i perceive yours
to be. i see the higher self to be a collection of the ideals you hold dear
and the aspirations you have for yourself (whoever "you" may be; anyone).
the higher self is someplace between "here", where i am at presently, and
"god", or pure source energy. it's nonsensical to despise my own aspirations;
it makes no sense to evolve in a manner that i hold contempt for...
plants grow towards the light, not away from it.

If I may be completely honest, originally I don't even believe in a higher self to begin with, and whether I truly have guides or not is debatable. It's just that I WANT to believe in a higher self as my superior ''counterpart'' who toys with me the way he wants, for the sole reason of having at least something to blame for everything that has been going wrong with me. Perhaps bringing guides into this was way over the top and maybe they had nothing to do with it (if they are real at least) but when I created this thread I wasn't really able to think rationally because I was extremely upset about something to a point I was no longer reasonable.
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