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Originally Posted by Kathrin
I am not sure if I am a medium too. I am dealing with a number of abilities. I might be a psychic. Don't know. Had a phase with non-physical people hanging around talking. One of my various openings. I closed down many times also. Best lowering aids so far: Treatment for fibromyalgia, PTSD: Duloxetine. I can perform but am not too hyper sensitive. And eating meat ;) Also heard from Lisa Williams that she wears hats to disable a connection.

Sorry for the delay in responding back.

I can imagine that it could be hard to decipher various ablilites. Everyone is different. Different strengths and weaknesses..etc. Thatís the reason I joined SF in the first place to see what if was like for others. With everything that SF has to offer to read about, you pretty much a have to keep an open mind. Thereís all kinds of stuff on here. I think its cool.

At the time I posted this thread, I was going through a rough patch with spirits to where it made me not want to have mediumship ablilites. There is such a ebb and flow with it. You just have to learn what works best for you to where you have a perfect balance for your inner self. Really no one can take that from you. Only you can, if you allow yourself to go down that rabbit hole..

Thank you for your response!
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