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Freedom.... The Shift in Consciousness

We are at a crossing part.... it seems that our hopes and prayers have been answers in a great way and it was heard from a point of reference way past even the whitest of lies straight into the fruit of God.

We are on a fast track to enlightenment and we should use this time to cover pass issues and bring them to light as well as learn as much as we can about spirit while we still can before things start ramping up... Good and the perceived as bad which is really neither good or bad.....

anyways I wanted to stout on some observations I have made.... there is a solicitation by our spirits to indulge in a new type of reality. That reality is being shown to us all right now, but it is at the cusp of our reality and the sleeping people do not know its name yet.....

the flames of the inner light have gained intensity as we spur to lift up our flame past the eye and into the sky.

I ask that you ask questions if you have them on what I have said. I have lots of experiences and feel that I can communicate them in a way that you can understand.
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