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Originally Posted by MikeS80
You asking-why describe that which cannot be described, colored, created, conceptualized, or perceived at all?, Is a false concept based on a belief that oneness can't be described, and will prevent you from describing it. Nothing describes oneness better than oneness, don't you think? How does calling oneness, indescribable or unknowable help anyone? Oneness is all there is, so trying to intellectually go further and deeper into and/or searching for something other than oneness is pointless. Oneness is just oneness and just exists.


For people to learn and to know the truth. On one hand the truth does not require the use of concepts as the truth, just is the truth. On the other hand the truth uses language and concepts to try to get through/past the ego, thus language and concepts are not bad or negative on thier own, problems arises, when a person who does not fully and completely understand a concept and language turns that language and concept into a belief system that is way out of context, and maybe even the opposite of the concept's original intended purpose.

Most spiritual concepts (including beliefs, analogies, myths etc) are meant to unite/align the feeling of I AM inner/higher self with the outer body ego I, but some people turn those concepts into beliefs that keeps the outer body ego I seperate from the feeling of I AM inner/higher self. The real kicker is, some people do this while they talk about and promote a half truth oneness and non-duality. An example would be taking a concept literally, not figuratively. Or taking one part of a concept literally and another part of the concept figuratively.

Both-differentiated means seperate/seperated and un-differentiated means oneness. It only seems like a waste of time to you because we are talking about it using words in a discussion forum. How and in what context I am talking about it matters because I talk about it according to what is going on inside my head, you have no clue what is going on inside my head. It all comes down to me: if I am talking in concepts because I do not know what I am saying, or if I AM talking about the truth, which requires me to not talk in concepts to prevent misunderstanding.

The whole perception and concept thing depends entirely on who is saying or thinking I AM. Is the feeling of I AM/inner/higher self aligned/united with the outer ego/I, thus the feeling of I AM inner/higher self is saying/thinking I AM and lives life through/via the outer body ego/I or is the outer body ego/I saying/thinking and I AM, and lives life when the outer body ego/I is seperate from the feeling of I AM inner/higher self?

Notes: the inner and outer self(s) are not seperate from each other, however, the outer ego self thinks/believes it is seperate and different from the inner self. The inner self is in fact oneness. The outer self thinks either with the inner self (not based on memory) or without the inner self (based on memory). The inner self giving the outer self a thought or feeling is called intuition.


I appreciate your views, which reflect the I AM expression in you, as mine do in me. Onward and upward....
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