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Spirit Contact

I'm not a practicing medium but I have been contacted several times like the other person commented this can be done through your dreams.with myself it's usually just before I wake I have had many contacts I don't always know who they are just before I wake it happens my most memorale contact was of an aquantance I had started rousing early one Saturday morning something entered the top of my head it like a tranquil fuzzy nudging sensation I never experienced before as if it was saying wake up sleepy head I'm here I'd never experienced anything like that before I went to visit one of my friends in the ymca he had a solom look on his face I have some news our friend Arthur has passed away. I actually got excited and said oh he visted me garry my friend looked confused who visted you I said Arthur's spirit. I was not sure if he understood what I meant as some think you physically die that's it
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