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Originally Posted by ketzer
True, now is as true and as real as any other time, as all time is now (at least in life anyway).

One problem with directly experiencing the "immutable truth of oneself", is that many of us fear what that truth may be, and so we have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure that those truths are hidden away and guarded by our own dragons. With our feared truths denied and safely hidden and guarded, we are free to go on our quest to prove to ourselves and the world that we are not what we fear we are, but we are something much better. Don Quixote chased around the world tilting his lance at windmills, not realizing that the dragons he saw were not out there, but within his own mind. In that sense, he was on the same quest we are all on, to find and slay our own dragons, to overcome the fears about ourselves in our own minds.

Now, and what is, is always changing, it is always real, it is always true, and it is always me. A quest to get to the bottom of me and find my immutable truth is a quest that will never end, as there is no bottom. Yet, it is questing beast well worth pursuing as the quest is a never ending exploration, and a eternally growing understanding, of my self.

Of course, your now, is always changing, always different than mine, and always just as true. We may share certain truths (many truths?), but it is not because we have found objective truths external to our selves, we have just found where we overlap in our present moment realities, our present truths. That, I believe, is what that quantum physics article is pointing to. We all create and experience the reality of our own universe within our own consciousness, and all are equally true, just as all times (past, present, and future), are equally real. What we call objective reality, or objective truth, is just the degree to which our respective universes move in parallel and overlap. Which I suppose is a good thing, as the occasional peek into your universe, seeing where it overlaps and where it differs from my own, helps me understand the truth of myself that much better, and see that there really is nothing to be afraid of.
Hello kerzer, and great post. The "immutable truth of oneself", is the truth of the I AM feeling of the real/higher self you have in your heart. The truth is not, the ego I, me, my etc. Thus there is nothing for anyone to fear. Many people confuse the hearty feeling of I AM/the real/higher self, with the ego I, me, my etc that is in thier head.

Edit: If you are seeking true Reality, since Reality is All, it must be here, now.
If you are seeking your true Self, since you are here, your Self too must be here, now.
Whatever word you are using for ‘That’, you may not see It, you may not know what It is, but for sure It must be here, now.
No need to reach It by any progressive practice.
And what is here, now?
An amazing amount of manifold perceptions that appear and disappear in the boundless sentient space that you are.
All we see with our mind and senses is Brahman, but we are not recognizing it as Brahman. And this is maya, ignorance, the cause of all suffering. Brahman is Objective truth/reality and our true inner objective self.
5: lacking in reality or substance : ILLUSORY
1a: expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations.
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