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Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy
Watching the video now. I've watched a few feature length vids/movies on Ayahuasca, including a couple of Joe Rogan podcasts. He's big on DMT. LOL!

Back in the day I did a LOT of psychedelics and high dosages. Very high dosages.

During the summer of 1979 during one experience I had a brief eyes-open vision, maybe five or so seconds, but it was a doozy.

I was in a hospital room and dad was in the bed, intubated. I was holding his hand and our eyes were locked when he stiffened, eyes opening wide.

Twenty years later in 1999 I was in that very room, holding his hand and looking into his eyes when he succumbed to cardiac arrest. I had signed a DNR because he was near the end with no hope of recovery. I wanted him to go as easy as possible and while the family was at his bedside.
I have only done psychedelics once.

It was way back in 1983 and I was travelling from Pangandaran on the east coast of Java to Yogyakarta on the west coast of Java.

Before I left Pangandaran, my tour guide for the area gave me a small parcel. I knew what was in it and decided to wait until the time was right.

On the way to Yogyakarta, we stopped over at Borobudur Temple for the was an amazing pilgrimage for me.

After doing the rituals and obeisances, I made my way up to the summit of one of the greatest wonders of the world, sat under the biggest stupa at the summit and ate four caps of cubenesis psilocybe before going into the most wildest and deepest meditation of my life.

Psychedelics are amazing to treat mental and neurological illnesses and it needs to be done under a controlled setting.

It isn't like you need to take it every day, once a week or even once a month.

Most people only need one session and that's it!

If not one session, then maybe just 3-4 sessions over the course of a whole year, spaced out (excuse the pun) at intervals of 3-4 months between each dosing.

The problem is that the authorities don't understand the difference between "therapeutic use" and "recreational use"...either that, or they have no way of regulating the chain of distribution and supply...however, they manage to do so for other schedule 4 drugs.

As for epilepsy...what I am about to say is going to curl your toes..

All of my neurological problems started after I contracted shingles 10 years ago which left me with post herpetic neuralgia and the only drug which gave me any relief from that was Lyrica...GABA.

I found one doctor willing to prescribe it and I was doing very well...until I moved about 300kms away and my prescription repeats ran out.

I tried for months of "doctor shopping' trying to get another prescription for Lyrica and all the doctors I saw went "Lyrica is only prescribed for patients who have epilepsy...using it for post herpetic neuralgia is an OFF LABEL treatment and doctors have been sued by the drug company and even the drug company itself has been sued by the Dept of Health for making claims that it can treat other ailments than those it was APPROVED to sorry, but I cannot help you".

After months, I travelled back to see my old doctor to get the script filled...he was charged with malpractice and forced to take an early luck.

So, this all ties in, you know?

The underlying cause of many neurological disorders is a glutamate synthesis problem in the neuroreceptors (this also contributes to the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder btw).

I have even tried discussing the synergic aspects of biochemical pathways in the brain with both doctors and neurologists alike...they just look at me like I come from a different planet...they must have got their qualifications out of a Corn Flakes box.

As an addendum, the FDA has now approved Lyrica for the treatment of neuralgic conditions, but the TGA in Australia still has not.
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