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Human Health Issues / Solutions and Ideas

I put this thread on here, to invite people to respond with simple 'health solutions' - mainly solutions, to keep it positive vibes to help increase human 'energy vibration levels' to all now reading.

So I invite anyone who has spent many years dealing with a health problem, then found a solution to it - to kindly share it with everyone here reading, just in case it helps 'that one person' or maybe several.

I have many to share over coming weeks, for example to name a few - slipped disc problems in lower back, or neck 'different procedures' - restless leg syndrome - tinnitus, to name a few. I will start the ball rolling with some information on the possibly of stopping viruses.

So I invite everyone on this forum to share solutions - if you have a health problem, then try and keep it positive as possible - we all know about the moans and groans, that we all have with different health issues - so if we can try and keep it positive on this thread, we will all get a shared energy boost, just by reading some positive information requests and solutions.

So if you dig deep into your memory banks everyone here - there must be something that you've solved health wise over the years, and think after well that was such a good idea, so simple - why not share the idea here...

My quote... It feels so good to come out into the light from dark places - sometimes we just need a helping hand to find it though - it helps if you recite in your mind - 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - or similar to increase your energy vibration.
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