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I want you to know it is like a dance.
We have 2 available dance partners.
1. Dance partner is the bad/negative spirits that we politely show them the door.
2. Dance partner is the good/positive spirits that we ask to dance and we make
a positive space to do the dance.

The bad/negative spirits are not gone but they are outside the space we set
for the dance. When we need to clear the space again we do it peacefully and respectfully
with as much courage as we need to clear it.

So here is a few vids to show a sense of what I mean and you can see what it looks like.
When you do it, it comes from your heart, it is not copied word for word but it is the intent
behind your words and actions.You don't need to spend a dime. Use what you have,
because the power will come from you asking and what is in your heart and ritual objects are just tools.

Since your 1/4 Cherokee I have included Native oriented videos for examples.

A little video(6:32 mins.) on Native smudging.

Cherokee Blessing vid. (10:31 mins.)

Cherokee Morning Song. "I am of The Great Spirit"
Your ancestors from the beginning of Man has brought forth Life continually
in a chain unbroken until now that is with you. Honor this Life you are given.
Video (4:35 mins.)

These things take time also and everyday is a dance and you get to choose your partners.
Hope these help some, to convey a message and that you can find some peace.
* * * *

Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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