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Originally Posted by sea-dove
Have you tried cutting any links you have with these beings?
With that thought your energy field will loose it's natural protection as you are expecting them to come back.

I agree. That thought energy comes and goes against my will which is contradicting lol. I'm learning to differentiate what is mine and what isn't so it doesn't affect me. Insecurities of the past come to mind. Or it could even be my old view of realism prior to my awakening projected back paired with what feels like nihilism that I 'know' is not my own. I was never full of nihilism prior to this and they feel like someone who has gone through addiction and rehabs (obviously not me, never done any). Which feels like a clear sign of Black Magic at play that has perhaps dominated the mind of someone that is being abused towards me. There are many layers in here. Sorry for sounding more passionate and jumping to conclusions in order to get my words out. They are sending negativity and strong sexual libido willpower my way at the moment that I have to 'ride' currently in order to express myself. Mind you, I'm a virgin. Ironically. Fighting the energies or any libido makes me incapable of clear thought.

In a physical sense, all ties are cut to whomever is the cause. Metaphysical, no.

Not sure how I can cut links, aside from mentally or extreme anguish physically. Anything else I've read up on either requires outside help or finances no? I did try many youtube videos to remove entities, exorcisms, and cleansing of sorts. All it did was yield panic and them talking through me with "No's", cursing me out or further narcissism to negate it (nervous about stating all in hopes I'm not alienated or banned... in disbelief and how I've been treated when I have previously. I am unfortunately desperate).

The link started when a twin flame overseas (now feels karmic instead) cut me off from any correspondence once the link did start. She was pretending she was unaware of it and hiding it from others. I originally took at as her being a runner and afraid to share with others. That turned into her recruiting some sort of help as shared friends suddenly started blocking me with no explanation to me first. That's what sparked my awakening in the first place (the overwhelming natural feeling to 'save' her and be with her as my positivity was seen as being naive) and probably hence the constant harassment and manipulation to my heart chakra now that's used against me. I'm currently in the process of using my mind more in order to remind myself of this false love and what I know true love to be. They project that love is fighting not embracing, something I never previously had either. What was originally a view point of Plato has now turned into what feels like a Succubus paired with their strong background and interest of Greek mythology that used to intrigue me by her. I now deem it all as false, it all feels unnatural and manipulating. Mother earth and free will without over-bearing corruption and lies paired with false fear in order to gain power forcibly, is my counter stance. Humility and detachment from Egos.

Writing all that confirms to myself that either she's very much in me now feeding off of what I am in order to feel anything to love another (which is extremely heartbreaking for me...) OR there is entities in between at play emulating her or abusing her broken mind from a very traumatic past that she indulged on me continuously in the past.

Sorry for the constant editing and poor structure, I'm using this as a pseudo-journal as expressing this is actually helping me inform myself and gain confidence and not have foreign energies regress progress. Albeit short-lived or not. :)

Any further advice would be appreciated. Thank you for the reply. :)
The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things andů bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.- Doctor Who ; Vincent and the Doctor
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