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I am dwindling and losing all hope....

This spiritual and mental harassment is beyond any measure. Is there anyone capable of scanning me. healing or giving me any advice? Every step in relief, leads to even more over abundance of harassment/black magic sent my way in it's wake.

I am very much afraid that anything given to me will only be temporary until I find out what this is exactly. I have found many temporary reliefs and they are figured out and become null later.

I am of sound mind but it is hijacked/distracted constantly with immense energy that is not my own and any sign of my will and my own energy breaking through is sucked dry. I've tried every approach possible on my own.

Please. Anyone...

All I can say that is out of the ordinary that hasn't already been said on here previous is, there's constant black and white projections of imagery distilled in my head when I close my eyes and I sometimes see blinking eyes in my vision until my crown was dominated too. I'm feel entirely dominated and full as feminine energy despite being a man. I've got so many afflictions on me right now, I don't even know who and what to ask for help for anymore....

I think my problem with faith is causing these problems of this mixed harassment as I am very much a man of realism that holds no strong belief in religions. Just nature. I've tried going out more and even grounding myself with nature and that too is only temporary. Their wants and needs are so overwhelming that it drains everything in me and keeps wanting me to stay isolated in my room where I have what appears to be sexual entitles waiting on my bed that invade my dreams. This is madness....

I've tried going to church despite being baptized as a child but that wielded just the results of most of them waiting outside for me instead which obviously makes it a team effort against me. Thank you for your time.
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