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Originally Posted by sea-dove
Beautiful experiences. It reminds me of when I started spontaneously merging with different things.

I looked at a crystal and suddenly found myself sitting inside of it, I became a grass plant and could feel the consciousness of all the other plants as was aware of myself as grass, I connected to the spirit of white sage (that time it wasnt a connection of an individual plant but to the like soul of the whole species of it), I merged with a spider (unfortunately I'd just sprayed it), I merged with a dolphin, I found myself merged down into the earth with the rocks coming up through my body during a strange instant storm on a mountain, I experienced the air elementals, I experienced feeling fairies, I put my hand into fire and didn't burn and felt the beautiful warmth of the flames lapping the skin of my hand.. etc

My experiences which I had over years, ended up with an experience of becoming all at once.. like cells of everything. That was the most mind blowing experience.

Have fun :)

When I psychically look at trees, I see a green hazy moving energy which is connecting them all. I've wondered if that is them communicating and their connection to one another... does anyone know if this green haze is what that is? (I dont feel it, I just see it)

I recognize this too, I guess maybe Ive only tried it with trees, but after the rock experience I did start greeting sones also so I can see how uts possible... Wonderful path to all-as-one you describe, thank you <3

The web ai saw was a root web, so the haze I don't know whatvis, but I exoect the tree is like us bigger than our physical size.... Maybecits the tree spirit - their higher self communication with the others?
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