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Thank you to the Administrators and Moderators of SF who take time out of their busy lives to make sure we have a peaceful and friendly forum to discuss our spiritual inspirations and meet new people.

Thank you to them for the recent 'reports' I have made which have been very promptly and adequately attended to and for all the times they step in to remind us of the 'rules of the game' when we think we can get away with cheating just a tad. They like to nip things in the bud pretty quickly around here.

Thanks for them being impartial and unbiased in conversation and in treatment of the patrons of SF. They are a very good lesson for us to practice discernment and diplomacy.

So, a big note of thank you and appreciation to Clover, Lynn, Tobi and all of them.
I am the creator of my own reality, so please don't get offended if I refuse to allow you to be the creator of it instead of focusing on creating your own. Thanks.
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