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Fascinating post, Greenslade, thank you so much.

You should check out "Old Souls", you'll probably find it interesting although watch out for the airy-fairy stuff.

I'm aware of the term old soul. I googled and the first article that came up was this:

I answered a Massive Yes to each question. The solitary loner, the love of wisdom, knowledge and truth, spiritually inclined from a young age, introspective, extremely sensitive and really not bothered with material things; as long as it's clean and functional that'll do me, definitely introverted (about 90% on the Myers Brigg) and more so the older I get. No fear of passing over whatsoever, in fact there is many a time when I think I'm ready to go now I've packed so much into life and I'm very aware of my dad, who's my hero and my Nan and cat who'll be over there. But ..... it would seem life isn't finished with me yet, so we'll continue on and see what happens.

Funnily enough, in my beloved aura soma, there is a bottle number 47 called The Old Soul Bottle which is Blue over Lemon and I see this bottle often. Also, in the first and only ever aura soma reading, I chose that bottle as one of the four bottles you choose from over 100. tml

Spirit often gives us what we need at the time in a way that fits our consciousness as it was then

Yes, I agree with this. Also, being extremely sensitive, I need time to assimilate new experiences/information within the physical world too. This is the densest energy here in the physical world with all the energies around us and being independent and working full time, I need to get the balance right between the physical and spiritual and often one will help me cope with the other.

There's definitely an expansion of some kind going on with you, that much is obvious and chances are it's all connected. Often the best thing is to focus on the moment and forget the rest, that way expectation and second-guessing don't get under your feet.

Yes, there's something going on definitely, since last June, where it's all heading I don't know, but I feel this is all happening anyway, there's no stopping it. Spirit have got an agenda and they're making me stick to it.

It'll probably start flowing together a little better now and begin to make some sense but the chances are it'll feel very different to what it did before, so while you may be going through the same things you'll experience them very differently.

I'm getting you're into your clairsentient mode here as the healing energy, if that's what it is, does in fact feel different than it was before. Before the system was complete with the magenta, I could hold a session for an hour and the energy moving around my body was very lively. Now, it's done in about 20 minutes to half an hour and I really have to focus to feel it. I can definitely still feel it warm and tingly in my feet.

And I'm really happy as I've had the message to start using crystals. I used crystal healing years ago but stopped for some reason. I noticed when I use crystals, the healing energy starts up spontaneously in response. When I asked them this as I was curious as to whether the crystals were triggering the healing energy or if it was the other way around, they said "like attracts like", so they must be of similar energy. I've also had a surge of energy a couple of times when I've felt a strong emotional, positive response to music. It's all rather fascinating really.

The star is a 5-cornered shape and we're talking 5 dimensions - which is what ascension is tapping into.

Ah yes, when you point it out, it seems clear.

I'm surprised you haven't had a visit, but it's also likely you perceive them differently. Generally, shining ones.

Maybe they're the flashes of blue light I get frequently, although medium told me that's the angelic realm. He also told me I'd be seeing white light at some point. I have seen my passed cat twice and a couple of spirit people before (one in my lounge) so whilst that's only happened a couple of times, I'm obviously able to see spirit beings.

Thank you Greenslade for the conversation, you're helping me to make sense of this journey, as it does seem odd at times. I'm comfortable with all the things individually, like the feeling of the energy in my body (as it feels the same as all the cranio sacral therapy sessions I had), the clairaudient group, the crystals, the colours, even becoming accustomed to the symbols. The bit that's odd is what does it mean, combining it all together? That's where the mystery lies.

"Now that you’re here, your mission is to figure out why you wanted everything to be this way." Matt Kahn
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