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Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
Rest assured, I don't talk to anyone that I would not feel comfortable with. My antenna for spiritually minded people, or people that are open without judgement, is pretty spot on these days.

The bit in bold: not sure what you were thinking here; my third eye has always been strongest, my strongest chakra and sometimes when my mind is a little racy or chaotic, they can get a message through with words in my third eye, rather than risk is getting skewed by my own mind. Is this your line of thinking here?
In short, it's all about YOU. All of what you're going through and the reasons you're going through it. I don't know if that'll give you any comfort or not but it's there anyway. You know you're not the same as 'all the rest' and I have no idea where that is going. "Just felt the the need." More later...

Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
For some reason? I think maybe you're picking up my feeling that I detest all kinds of religion. Last year, when I started seeing the first gold symbol, which was the gold cross, it seriously worried me. I honestly thought I had some attachment which was having a joke at my expense. All the gold symbols stopped and then started again when I discovered the healing ability and the gold symbols suddenly made sense.

Also the number 3s I was incessantly receiving, when I eventually looked it up was linked to ascended masters working with me. Again, this was the healing. I'd already got the message that the cross was the highest form of protection for me and to call on it when I felt I needed protection from anything. I would ask and see the gold cross superimposed on an aura soma bottle, the colour of which would change accordingly. So it seemed logical to ask Ascended Master Jesus to assist in the healing and to protect me whilst I was doing it. I also asked him to help with my dowsing/sleep problem which worked a treat.

So I think you're right about treating the symbols as what they mean to me. I had a google after you mentioned paganism and crosses and anchors seemed to be used in all kinds of things, celtic, druidism etc, so I'd only associated the cross with Christianity because that's the only thing I knew from my school days.
Uuummm trying to put this across as simply as possible. I'm clairsentient and it's 'always on', although I'm never swamped, and with that some of what I've said is 'divine intervention'. I know you don't like religion because you told me in a previous thread, however... It's something you're familiar with and a good starting point for Spirit to 'latch onto' things that are deep within your psyche just the same. As is religion, regardless of how much you hate it. The best way to get some of this stuff through to you is to connect with what's familiar, the other thing is that some of it isn't actually religious but you think it is. Your gold cross isn't religious, it's symbolism belongs elsewhere. There are actually two symbols, the cross (more or a plus sign) and the gold. Being the highest protection for you is how you perceive it and I'm not saying that's wrong. What I am saying is that there's more, and it has nothing to do with religion.

The symbols don't just mean something to you, they ARE you - after a fashion. All religion is symbolism and a pointer to something greater.

Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
I still don't quite get it. I notice 3D and 5D seems to come up a lot on the twin flame thread. I'm not too concerned though. I have a very curious nature and sometimes I hear of a phrase/word and shelve it and maybe in a few months/years, something will take me back to it, sometimes not.
Where do your symbols come from? Your protection, healing, Ascended Masters, religion....? A realm beyond time and space perhaps? That's all 5D stuff and beyond.

By the way, the Golden Ones exist in the twelfth dimension.
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