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Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
I went through a spiritual awakening last year which culminated around March time. Last few months I've been experiencing some similar symptoms, back pain when I don't have back problems, increased/decreased appetite, no energy, extreme body heat, etc. I wondered what was going on and my guides put the word "ascension" in my third eye. I'd not heard of this term before but when I started reading up about it, it all fitted.

I've read that an awakening is about the inner, ascension is more about the physical body which echoes my experiences so far.

There are many posts about awakening but only one I can find on ascension. Anyone else going through/ been through this?

This describes it all really well.


I really like the article. Especially the first section. It describes the process and whats behind it quite well. It makes it sound like a one off thing though. Its not. Its a series of steps. Only the last one is the actual ascension but in a more general way you could talk about ascending through each realm until you reach the point where you are capable of the actual ascension. Ascension is not floating off to a higher dimension though. Its breaking the chains of the reincarnation cycle so that you don't have to come back.

From the article...
This allows us to move into higher states of consciousness accessing a new reality or dimension within ourselves.

This matches up with what I was taught about it. We call them realms. There is a series of them that you gradually move through. The physical symptoms are probably cos your moving fast and your body is having trouble keeping up with your energetic growth. The ego can have trouble keeping up too if its soul-led growth. That's when you get emotional and mental symptoms. If the ego is more involved and contributes to the process its a smoother ride.
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