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Originally Posted by naturesflow
So we could say, his/her mind is in a state of emptiness, but aware of life through sensory connections.

A baby can see, hear, taste and feel the intimate provided around him or her. Even though amniotic fluids muffle sounds, some researchers do make claims the normal emotions the mother experiences in day-to-day life, can help the unborn baby to adapt once they are born. So there we would have a sensory adaptation already in formation of life moving through her/him.

Would that mean the emptiness of a babies mind is Buddha mind?

What you shared is great not many of us know it. Thanks naturesflow. My wife did the preborn teaching for my youngest son. After he was born, about two and a half months he could say "hello"(5 times) correctly. Within one month after he born, he realized what I said whenever he was crying when I wanted him to stop crying. So he stopped crying as I said.

But I can't relate his mind to pure mind or emptiness. All of my children can see spiritual realm. May be that's a bit different. Their personality is different when they grow older.
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