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On Veterans Day

11th November again. In the US that's Veteran's Day, in other countries including my own there are other days for that. But it is also the day on which the Great War ended. You know, the war that was going to end all wars... a long time ago.

The world is still full of military veterans, and countless graveyards and dusty archives are full of the bones of those who gave their lives because that is what their countries were expecting of them. Some volunteered, some rose eagerly through romantic ideals when the war drums called them to service, others joined the ranks only because they would be executed if they didn't. And for each who fell in the line of duty, a dozen seeped away into the hospital bedding after an eternity of pain, and for each of those who died without their boots on another dozen came home from their war with life lasting wounds in their bodies and hearts and mind and souls.

I think today is meant for mourning, but equally so for remembrance. That war is a foolish game of power between nations and factions does not take away from the nobility of the sacrifices given by those who got caught up in those jaws of steel one way or another. Light a candle, offer a prayer or put a rose on the grave for those you mourn. For my part I will rather offer a toast, for the men and women of every country who marched into battle, intent on doing their duty come hell or high water, and paid in full for that. May they all know peace and the summer wind's gentle caress again in their next life.
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