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This posted as i was typing the title. The title should be 'Moving Past Fear & Repeat Dream.'

Originally Posted by Athymari
This is interesting, i have a repeating dream over the years thats the same. A frightening scenerio.

I have tried just about everything to find what I am supposed to do. I tried just laying there and getting it over with, I tried defending myself, I tried attacking it back and I tried escaping (waking up), i ask it what it wants, I tell it to stop. Running out of ideas here.

Repeat dreams are always worth paying attention to & delving into. This is likely a certain category of training dream where we have either a repeat dream or a dream w/ a rapid fire sequence of challenging events. In either type of dream it is usually to help us work through fear or other limitations. W/ the rapid fire sequence of dream when one succumbs to fear, one is immediately put in another challenging scenario. Often when the person realizes that they can’t be harmed, only scared the imagery immediately changes to an idyllic scene like a charming green meadow w/ chirping birds, butterflies, & flowers to underscore the change in outlook.

I had the same repeat dream for years. It was decades later when reading the type of dreams that others were having that I realized out what this was about. LOL.

Telling it to stop is a little different than telling it to leave & moving completely past the fear. Tell it to leave & stop having fear about it. When you appreciate that it can only scare you, & annoy you, but not really hurt you this will stop. What happens is that you actually change your frequency in moving past fear.

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