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Originally Posted by Moondance
All there is is nonduality - oneness. This manifests as the play of separation and multiplicity.

In this apparent separation and multiplicity (duality) the concept of nonduality arises.

If nonduality is merely adopted as a concept in duality then only an intellectual understanding of nonduality will result.

If there is the visceral recognition of where the concept points then an overwhelming sense of familiarity arises - and the absurdity of the separation delusion is exposed.
Well put.

In regards you latter two points, I think there can be and generally are coexisting 'admixtures' of the two -- the 'arising' of people's 'familiarity' in this regard is often painfully slow/partial. As a result of their still partially selfishly biased calculus in the foregoing regards, those who do 'progress' in this regard, often do so periodically regressive, learning the ‘hard’ way, fashion! -- from selfish, to familial, to clannish, to tribal, to ethnographic, to anthropocentric, and (finally) to cosmically all-inclusive, completely self-transcendent psychospiritual ‘i’dentifications. It is over the course of reincarnation-journey 'filled' learning that souls increasingly think, feel and believe and so more and more conscientiously act knowing that, though each and every individual and group is unique and so differs from others in significant ways, one’s ‘self’ and all other ‘selves’ are really integral aspects of Life’s Flow and so, despite apparent differences, we are all interconnected, related/relating aspects of the same (pertaining to the Universe we are in, at least) Cosmic Being-Doing, which is Life Itself in action!
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