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Im finally seeing sadness and happiness in other peoples eyes again, i can start to build eye sympathy especially on videos where i see famous people having sad eyes i finally feel sincerity again i can finally look at people with sympathy because i see that they are sad in the eyes or build love because i see people happy in the eyes

I finally see others peoples mistakes in their faces or sickness of skin etc. AS i used to before the mental hospital i feel sympathy for the older generation again, they look old young people look young

i feel human

i can finally give again instead of recieving

But also seeing hopelessness or eccentric is very important to me to see in other's eyes, im not afraid to see other's emotions like i used to before the mental house i think i must have hid it to be able to help the other mentally ill in the closed

finally finally finally This i could not say to my doctor.

I can finally see on the skin of people that they are not so clean, i finally see mistakes :O

I can finally see the socket is drained on the skin under others eyes :O

As i used to ty

I dont know why, but i create my own emotion.

This will make me be able to charge up my emotions and have excess to other people even famous people or animals.

i think my experience was so that i can show my real higher self emotions, of being totally drained from anxiety and everything, to show my real face without anxiety or fear etc.
And that's beautiful,

You have no idea what i have been through, my hair is golden striped blonde i mean..

You have no idea how hard it was to read other peoples emotions just blank emotions in other people with them trying to read my cognitive movements xD just this blank serious stare at me for so many years. And finally it might be over!

cause in all essence we are all "just" human. wich is a good thing.

I actually feel like my eyes are charging up while being awake and sitting and playing world of warcraft i have not felt this for years

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