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hey taav123, thanx for your reply, can I ask if your experience was intentional?(obi, lucid dreaming practice, crystals e.t.c) or just randomly happened and you established it from there?

re moldavite - I can't say it does something special for me, I never felt the "moldavite rush" or obsession with it but I connected that from time to time when I work with it I get these touching experiences that I have outside of working w moldavite intensify for me.

It's not my fav fav crystal but I love it in the same way I love all of the tektite stones.

One other thing moldavite does for me (and that goes for any tektite) I can sort of wake up suddenly in the middle of the night or right before falling asleep as if I been hit by electricity, the jump up from the bed sort of thing :)
however none of these things is consistent, it happens sometimes and sometimes I sleep/meditate w it and its ok, nothing special happens.

I'm just wondering if anyone had the experience with touching sensation w and out moldavite and how are they connected in terms of intensifying it?
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