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Originally Posted by iamthat
Once again this is just your perspective, which of course you think is valid. Your pronouncements are statements of belief, not statements of fact. Others have different perspectives which are equally valid to them.

We can consider spirituality as the process of identifying with the consciousness which functions through the body-mind-individuated-matrix. This is nothing to do with the body-mind-individuated-matrix disliking itself and seeking to ignore the human aspects of itself. Instead consciousness accepts the body-mind-individuated-matrix with all its limitations, recognising that the body-mind-individuated-matrix are just vehicles of expression in the worlds of form. And ultimately the body-mind-individuated-matrix is not that important.

It is this identification with consciousness which is the source of peoples' spirituality. The body-mind-individuated-matrix may have particular beliefs but the identification with consciousness transcends all beliefs.

And of course, this is just my perspective, based on my own experience.

Just on this concept of identification with consciousness - to me it feels inherently problematic in the context of non-duality, because identification assumes a duality, doesn't it? There has to be an entity on the one hand, and an entity on the other with which it's identifying, right?

Perhaps my understanding of the concept of identification is flawed or incomplete (it's not something I'd given much thought to until now, so that could easily be the case), could you elaborate?
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