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Originally Posted by Moondance
Yes, ego does have many interpretations, for this reason I tend to avoid using the word.
No offence to you personally but this is what happens when people redefine words from other areas or human understanding for their own agenda - such as ego. Others come up with other words/phrases that are attempting to describe the same thing but having to invent new words in order to move away from the agenda in order to gain a more true understanding. Which is what you're doing here I think.

The Spiritual teachers - and most on this forum it seems know so little about what you're calling the 'phantom self' and - technical jargon aside - agree with you. The confusion arises because the "body-mind-individuated-matrix" doesn't like itself and seeks to ignore the 'human aspects' of itself in order to identify with the Spiritual aspects, thereby coming into conflict with itself and being ignorant that thebody-mind-individuated-matrix is the source of their Spirituality and beliefs.

Dontcha just love the irony?
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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