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Originally Posted by Yunoschut
This is just one of my many crazy theories. As long as there are mysteries in life, I like to let my imagination run wild

What if one of the biggest life secrets is that we all are already one with our most loved one? Healthy self love is necessary for having healthy love for others and being two, three or more in one (for example holy trinity) is pretty common thing in countless religions. That our personal drama with earthly relationships is just a stage play in a divine comedy we somehow though that would be hilarious to play. That everything we are so desperately looking for is inside us and is part of us the whole time. We just cant know that while we are in flesh so we dont ruin the surprise for ourselves that awaits us on the other side

Yes, it is this. Yet, it also being with your twin soul. The reason that we are here as part of the human family, being a soul within a body is to learn human connection. It is also to learn connection to the the self through human connection, all relationships, especially the twin flame relationship gives us the opportunity to tap into the holy trinity. To be at more peace with ourselves. The truth is without one we cannot have the other, because it is very tricky to know if we have done all our work without the mirror reflection to show us the areas within self that we need to heal and love.

So yes, it is inside of us and yes it has been there a long time, however conditioning, values and beliefs make it a tough job alone. Hence the relationship. Although there are no rules, we each blueprint what we need to learn, so what may be a truth for one, may not be for another. This is just as I see it right now.
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