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Originally Posted by Elabr8Aspie

I have read a few words beyond your sentence,then your diatribe,why would i buy into words?

Stories of others/perceptions.

Ask what not you feel the conviction to compel?

Ask in between?Yeah.

When I channel, I am always given the option of occulting the knowledge or disseminating it and sharing it with others due to o this "right to know" clause which was inserted into that contract.

Unfortunately, the only thing I am guilty of is lacking any discernment when it comes to making these personal revelations public.

I mean c'mon, how far will the "I am not really supposed to be telling you out this because you are not ready to understand it yet" fly? I will only be accused of "not knowing anything myself" isn't it? By those who will say "that which you cannot tell me about, I don't want to know ANYWAY because it mustn't be that important if I am deemed "not ready" to hear it

This is why those who channel publicly and generally walk a very fine line.

I am not after any validation nor any expectation, nor reward..I have neither agenda nor the conduit, I couldn't care less really..really...truly.. honestly!

Those the message was intended for will get it...even if everybody who reads this thread is just another version of myself in an alternate universe agreeing or disagreeing with myself because they are a bored "keyboard warrior" who has found themselves on a New Age forum, but they have problems with the New Age so continually question what the hell they are doing here ANYWAY if they disagree with anything ever written about the subject?

Well you see, that's the dilemma I find myself in. If given the option to share, should I? Or should I just be like NoOne and keep my channeling sessions private and for personal use only because others will only fear what they do not understand?

Also, like I said, I am not looking for validation but what I AM looking for his any goddamn reason to remain on this forum...just ONE beyond "because it is THERE" it becomes less about validation and more about motivation.

Do I need a REASON to do what I do? Of course not! Others believe I should have one...others believe that I need to take "ownership" but why, if nobody else gives a damn anyway.

You speak of "learning lessons" what lesson can be learned from speaking bin the wilderness? Speaking with those who don't have the ears to listen? I mean, yes of COURSE I also had the option of not responding to any posts on this thread and next time I may try YouTube where comments can be disabled. I just gave you the courtesy of my continued and ongoing response because you deserve it..but it makes no difference to either of us really..what, did you ever expect that it would?
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