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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Well, the "channel" is from a source/entity outside the framework of one individual consciousness which uses it was "conduit" to relay a message to those if has intended to relay that message TO.

In the case of this thread, that would be neither yourself nor Aspie..however, there may be just ONE person out there that the message was intended for and they will know it deep within their heart...they won't even need to post on this thread or give any validation to attest to the "channeling abilities" of my ego-self.

When the leader of an army gives an order, it is only meant for those soldiers directly under him isn't it? It isn't meant for any other soldier or any other army.

Also, that person or persons who this channeled message was intended for may not even read this thread for weeks, months or even years...all of that doesn't matter.

Ashtar/Hermes isn't trying to impress anyone or win any "Spiritual contest" or "prove himself" and neither am I. If you get anything from it, fine..if you don't, fine...I just did what I had to do in just passing it along with a "to whom it may concern" and obviously, judging by the replies, it hasn't "concerned" anyone who has replied here...but that's not to say anybody's opinion could ever invalidate the message for another who did not share that same opinion.

This is all I can really say ABOUT it, because I notice that the content of the channel was never questioned ANYWAY...and that also tells me a lot.

Yes, true, the most controversial part always seems to be the source of the Channel. If you had posted the same message from Lord Shiva, people would all be blissed out and just happy to get something, anything from him. Choose a more controversial source though and people react quite differently.
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