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Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy
From our perspective, our anchor in what we experience as objective reality, there is experience. Pure experience. Detached. Dispassionate. Empty. I'd 'label' that awareness or consciousness.

However it does seem to me labels are a necessary means of teaching, instructing or relating in a meaningful manner before a concept is understood and assimilated.
In my view, all Being, or Soul, hence Presence of Life, is a Mind-and-Spirit generated 'wave' which is 'made up', or 'created', by a combination of 'consciousness' and 'motivation', hence conscious-motivation.

In my view, everything/everyone is motivated by Spirit, which motivation (in relation to other 'waves') may either be 'positive' or 'negative' or (deliberately or otherwise) 'neutral'. Even in the latter case of of 'neutrality', however, this does not reflect an real 'emptiness' or absence of spirit (IMO, there can be no such thang!) but rather a passionate preference for not engaging either 'positively' or 'negatively' with whatever 'wave' of Life one is ex-peer-iencing, i.e. perceiving, at the moment.

Characterizing such 'neutrality' as 'pure' (implicitly characterizing any 'positive' or 'negative' [u]responsive[/U[ness as 'impure', emotionally-loaded, hence questionable, is white-washing psee] propaganda, IMO.

In my view, 'waves' of Life may be 'surfed' in whatever 'direction' one wishes (chooses, elects, etc.) one's own 'wave' to travel in.

Of course, one may deliberately choose not to 'surf' on (i.e. to just be 'neutral' in relation to) any particular 'wave' that comes one's way. But to do so as a matter of principle/philosophy in relation to any and all 'waves' that come one's way is to abdicate and miss out on the opportunity that being a 'wave' in the context of the multiplicity of 'wave' opportunities that 'incarnation' provides us (our souls) with to developmentally move in 'positive' and away from 'negataive' directions - again, this is as seen in my view.

Such an election, if and as persevered in, will result in one's soul stagnating and, ultimately, atrophying if one is unlucky enough not to have Life's exigencies 'bust' one out of such static directional-immobilizaton - or so my logic leads me to think, believe and feel.

From my book in this regard: "I have deliberately not used phrases like ‘reaching Godhead’ and ‘getting to Heaven’, though what I am advocating is exactly that, because they erroneously imply an end‑destination. In terms of Life, this is a false concept. In case, having found Life’s mode of flux upsetting, you are one who has fallen prey to the temptation to set your sights on an illusion of some sort of utopian finale, let me disabuse you of the notion. The best, ultimately most glorious and joyful attain*ment is not a place or state that one arrives at and stays in. Staticity of any kind, if prolonged, leads to stagnation. In terms of Creativity, it is death! The ecstatic ‘peak’ such terms refer to is really not a final attainment or accomplishment, as many naively believe. Rather, as the words ‘Eternal Life’ clearly indicate, it is ever-ongoing creative process!"
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