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Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy
I get it all to well. You reject the cosmos and settle for crumbs and hang it all on your treatise. That's fine for you but I'm not interested in that debate or attempting to convince you otherwise.

I 'get' that you, among others (although hopefully not everyone reading thread), are not 'interested' and so choose not to entertain and discuss the Life-related (IMO) issues that I raise here.

Requoting a relevant (I think) passage from my book (which predates my treatise by 20 years - I mention this so you and others know that this is a function of a Life-long 'calling' to address the causes of our current 'human condition'):
"Many who consider themselves ‘true followers’ of Vedic teachings therefore proceed quite myopically, for example, not appreciating, not availing themselves of, and not sharing with others Life’s true richness and beneficence. Just as would happen if college-aspiring youngsters decided not to be involved with what was offered in their school curriculum because they judged it ‘inferior’ to ‘higher’ learning, such individuals fail to obtain and dispense educational benefits, accessible in their present context, which are prerequisite to further growth and development. (If you are one such, take the following to heart: 'This phenomenal creation, which is both ephemeral and eternal, is like a tree, but having its seed above in the Highest and its ramifications on this earth below…. When the Supreme Lord enters a body or leaves it, He gathers [the] senses together and travels on with them, as the wind gathers perfume while passing through the flowers. He is the perception of the ear, the eye, the touch, the taste and the smell, yea and of the mind also; and the enjoyment of the things which they perceive is also His.' The Bhagavad Gita, 15:1-10.)"

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