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Originally Posted by HumbleBob2
Ah, I see. That makes sense. I think we're on the same wavelength for the most part.

So, when you say you're going to send me a question, do you mean telepathically? And I have to see what comes through? I can do that.

Ok, I'm going to start channeling in a moment.

Well, it is I again, the trickster, ready to inform you of the oncoming slurry of investigative journalism that is coming your way. True to nature, the looker sees only a small portion of the venue that the looker stands in. 360 vision is not feasible to the to eyed man, yet it is not only a possibility, it is an inevitability. We hope that we have understood your question, it is not our want to confuse or dissaray. We hope you get something out of this, enough to continue to pursue Humble Bob's newfound abilities.

Hmm, let me know if that answered your question, the 360 vision was the most specific thing in there, did your question have to do with that? I don't have much faith that the channeling can guess exactly what others are thinking, it works differently at different times.

Ok, and now I'll channel something for your tarot cards, that sounds really cool, thanks for the suggestion! Alright here we go:

Hello, it is not our concern for who concerns themselves with the concerns of others, our only concern is that the concernment remains for a concerning amount of time. My question is, how long will people remain concerned about Humble Bob before they realise that he is on to something?

Hmm, I guess that is something I would like to know. People seem to be misinterpreting my words and intentions across the internet and even in my personal life. In short, people are worried that something's not right. The people that know me well, know that I'm fine and even agree that I'm definitely on to something, but when I start trying to tell people that don't know me, they just don't seem to take any notice because I sound like a random madman. Will this always be the case?

Looking forward to what your tarot turns up :)

Cheers Pagandell!

Hi Humble bob sorry but I did not explain my self clearly enough.
I did not mean I would send you a telepathic message I ment I would post you one
I would like you to channel do plants comunicate to each other.
Also the tarot card reading I was into you channeling an entity spirit or alien being that had a question for me and the cards been reading for people for years I wanted to take my cards onto another level

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