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Originally Posted by HumbleBob2
I don't mind at all! Your poem was wonderful and I felt like I was following along all the way through. Can I guess what it's about? It's about how you can smoke weed and communicate with an entity other than yourself. It's often all sorts of other entities, including some kind of malevolent trickster.
The last half is about how all of this stuff is impossible to explain to people with closed minds without them thinking you're just a crazy person but that you can learn to be content knowing this information on your own and not concern yourself with sharing it because you think it might be impossible.

Was I at all close?

Yes you were very close but the bit about the trickster was about me.
When I channel poems the next line comes so fast I do not have time to see how the poem looks to someone else reading it.
When I first got my pack of tarot cards the first thing I did was ask which card am I and I got the fool
I new strait away whot they were saying.
I always edit my poems after but this is about channeling so l gave you it as it came.

I'm going to send you a question and would be very interested to see who and what you channel
Also if you would like to send a channelled message/ question from who ever comes through to my tarot cards I can do you a 3 card on that it's something l have not done before so it would be interesting

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