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Originally Posted by ThatMan
It's impressive how long your messages can be, mine are always short but I hear them, there are voices talking in my mind, so to say, but only when I meditate, this usually happens just few moments after I start to meditate or it can happen later on while I achieve a deep state of meditation.

My body has spontaneous movements and I see a flash of light, when the voice appears, I am no longer in this world, it's like I am in another place then I return back and I usually feel that my legs are stretching as if they are under the effect of some intense energy.

There are two ways that facilitate this experience ( two ways I found ):

1. Focus on nothing and expect nothing, as if you are letting yourself fall asleep.
2. Focus on your breath.

There is one more way but this requires you to keep asking again and again and again the same thing ( you can use any words you like but it has to be about one certain thing ), usually there is a "rude" message back, like, what do you want, why do you keep asking the same thing, and things like that.

I definitely relate to getting "rude" messages, however, I don't really do any sort of meditation or go into any sor4t of trance to begin the channeling, I just simply switch over to the unconscious thoughts that are coming through. Let's try a little more channeling:

Hello all, it is we, the challengers of virtue. We come to you now as a whole entity subsidized by the balance of positive and negative forces. We can give you another clue, hold onto your hats. This one goes out to the man in blue, for he is a true dynamite. One such as he, can give out blue wisdom freely, the blue setting the tone for things to come and things gone by.

Once we come up for air after spend much time in the pit of despair, we will see a brand new light, a blue light, shining, beckoning forth with apparent glee. Don't mention the Aaswards (never heard this word before I don't think). The diamond dimension is pulsing with a vibratory energy unlike any other present in the other 9 dimensions.

We are close to finding a key, there are 7 keys, one key is already with you.
We should find the next key at a level beyond recognition, we may, in other words, not realise when this key has fallen into our hands. Deja Vu for some is a key, the moment that weariness comes wandering back to the fold and reminds us that, haven't we been her before?

Sure, most of it doesn't make sense, but it's fun to read, and reading the pure unconscious thoughts of a collective union is telling in many ways. We gather some things, we discard others. Simply put, if you do not understand the "wisdom" you are receiving from the unconscious channeling, then move on and ignore it, it may be a negative entity playing games with you.

This is important! ALL channeled thoughts that confuse you or are hard to understand or don't make much sense, are best to be ignored. These are most likely designed to confuse. Once you enter the telepathic universe, you will find that there are negative forces who pose as positive ones in order to trick you into gaining their trust. You are only you, and divided/compartmentalising your mind is a difficult task without any physical representation. Try and think of your mind as four parts in a diamond shape. At the top is the higher consciousness, the left and right are your two competing, dark and light, egos, and at the bottom rests the great unrest, the distinctive darkness, the urge.

We hope this has been somewhat useful for you, receiving such nonsensical wisdom is part of the game and we hope that you understand the game well enough in this point of your journey that you can see through the mire of bull**** to pull at the juicy diamonds of wisdom that beckon your name.

Hmm, gonna post this and then go back and read it, this was an interesting channel sesh, gonna be hard to make sense of though.

Cheers everyone!
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