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It's impressive how long your messages can be, mine are always short but I hear them, there are voices talking in my mind, so to say, but only when I meditate, this usually happens just few moments after I start to meditate or it can happen later on while I achieve a deep state of meditation.

My body has spontaneous movements and I see a flash of light, when the voice appears, I am no longer in this world, it's like I am in another place then I return back and I usually feel that my legs are stretching as if they are under the effect of some intense energy.

There are two ways that facilitate this experience ( two ways I found ):

1. Focus on nothing and expect nothing, as if you are letting yourself fall asleep.
2. Focus on your breath.

There is one more way but this requires you to keep asking again and again and again the same thing ( you can use any words you like but it has to be about one certain thing ), usually there is a "rude" message back, like, what do you want, why do you keep asking the same thing, and things like that.
Can't you hear me? I am always talking with you and you are always talking with me.
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