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Originally Posted by Mr_Determined
Hi Hilary,

I'm no admin, although I'm sure you can make these changes.

If you look above to the top left of the current page you are viewing, you will see 'User CP' (Control Panel), select this.

The next page should show, in the top left it should appear with 'Settings & Options' under 'Control Panel'. Select the 'Settings & Options' tab, then you will want to click on 'Edit Profile'. From there you can make any changes as desired.

Don't forget to then scroll down to the end of this page and select the green tab 'Save Changes'.


I appreciate your help, it seems like I need more posts and time on the forums before I can edit my profile.

Made an accident in creating my profile to show my birth date (actual month, day, and year). I just feel like it is more information than I want to share at this time. If there is a moderator/admin who can assist me with removing this, I would greatly appreciate it.. thank you.
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