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Originally Posted by Akira
Just go slow - take your time.

Don't expect anything to come of it. Abraham Hicks says, just take one day at a time and then another day and another day. With no expectation, enjoy the joy of each day that you are together.

It is expectations that thwart us. When we drop these expectations and release these needs, everything starts to get a bit easier a little bit brighter.

The truth is the major test of the twin flame pairing is either that it can be here today gone tomorrow or that you can't get rid of each other for love or money - despite the pain, the mirroring and the triggering that is sending you stir crazy.

As for the red thread thing. I don't know if it's a dm thing, however many of the males in the tf dynamic do not want to outwardly say that they believe in the whole tf notion and therefore, even when they know it's pretty tough to get them to say outright that they know what you are. Nothing to be concerned about I don't think, just think it's their way of making sense of it all. Oh and before anyone responds saying there are loads of males out there that do know ... I agree, there are loads of females that won't admit too. However, I am talking about my direct experience here.

Anyhow whatever will be will be, good luck hun, don't be afraid, you got this.
To be honest... I don't think many people know what TFs are or have even heard of it. This includes the ones that are TFs.
And generally speaking I think it's mostly women who busy themselves with this sort of thing.
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