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tf, and zoning out, and reconnecting

I feel so confused
my tf has been pretty much out of contact for a year.

The other day he messaged me to say he loves me but is not in touch as he is working on self.

He has never said he knows im his tf but has said things like we are connected by an invisable thread ect.

Two days after the message I was at my grandkids ballet. For a second my mind slipped to my tf,,in this thought we met, he was hugging me,,and I was sobbing with joy,

I then sort of zoned out, when I came to my senses I felt sort of warm and ok, and like I had been with him, and it felt so normal.

I woke today and he had added me on fb, we have chatted a bit, but I feel so afraid and confused, like what happened, and what should I do next?
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