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Originally Posted by Native spirit
I love my slow cooker I make curry, rice pudding stews really handy gadgets


sondss so yum
lot of ladyss i speek 2 wen vistin mom speek of stuff did in s/c
lk cookin gamin in cokkee or winee or so on
my lst 2 desertt is betr thn 1st 2 iv dun
justt usin cakee mix mitee be bravrr latrr on to try crublee in s/c or scornss mix in s/c dnt worry wnt try to cook choklitee risee crisoyy in s/c trydd to do it ovn lol dnt lezee ned to put in drigee i did lollerntt o a lot off thes ladyss it obly way we get bit of santyy frm dem/alz
wot ee did in s/c
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