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Originally Posted by ad infinitum
That's how our minds work. Memories that we don't even know we have can come out years later in our dreams.

Our dreams come 100% from ourselves, and nothing else. Believing otherwise is folly. Other people can not make you have dreams of them.

Imagine if they could- what would the lives of famous people be like? They would literally be driven insane by the flood of dreams that people would cause them to have. All the thousands of Beliebers would have killed Justin sending him dreams of them every night.

Other people can not make you have dreams of them.

I dont believe the poster is concerned or feels this person is making them experience things.

Dude, there is talk of collective conscious in mainstream psychology. This isnt some foreign concept. If we are one with God and God one with us then the natural extension is we are one with another. This is a spiritual forum...none of us came to study astrophysics or mainline psychiatry here.

Many yogi’s and people that have advanced spiritually experience telepathy or extreme levels of empathy. Just because they are not on the Oprah show does not mean they dont exist as they are likely much humbler than most.

At any rate to act like you are the end of the road on dreams of ALL things is presumptuous.
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