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Thank you for the warm welcome. I was thinking more about how in dreams he seems to activate my chakras and energy. Before also I had a dream in which he touched me hugged me from behind and I could see my solar Plex spinning and some kind of warm energy engulfing me and he whispered I am deeply in love with you which made my heart beat faster and my heart chakra started spinning...yes first initially I also put it as well its just a dream and as soon as I feel this energy and chakra spinning I wakeup and after that also I will be feeling it and I sometimes sit with it as kind of meditation...I don't know if anyone else have gone through such or similar experiences. Oh yeah I try to forget him and at times when I completely have forgotten about him he seems to popup in my dreams. BTW these kind of energybwork and chakra spinning dreams I am getting only when I dream about him and not with any one else that's why it made me curious as to what it could be that iam going through and there might be others who might have gone through similar experiences.

The forum is very lovely and iam happy to be part of you all.
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