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What does it mean?

I am new to this forum. I wanted to share this dream I had yesterday.
I dreamt yesterday for the first time when I was in separation from my tf for 2 months. I started surrendering process and with that yesterday I was hearing this tf meditation and I slept with it. I had two dreams. First one
We were at some school it looks like and we were talking to our common friends and he was trying to protect me from some friends who were teasing me or something like that. Then I see myself sitting on a step and behind me is a door...he comes with the keys and I tell him I should have listened to your words. And he has the key to the door and h3 is opening the door with the key and my head is near the door and I lean my head on his hands,.I felt an energy and I woke up.

After few minutes I recollected the dreams and was went back to sleep. Now we are in at some friends home like that ..there also one elder guy was saying something to me and he came to my rescue and he protected me by coming from my behind and holding my waist which felt very awesome,romantic and loving. And he tells the guy something he goes away and he takes my mobile from the table and he takes me to the sofa nearby. And he makes me sit in between his legs and is still hugging me from my waist.

Now he gave first gave a kiss on my right side neck from behind and another kiss on my left side of the neck and then he was kissing my throat center area and I felt huge energy and felt the heat and warmness and my throat chakra spinning which made me get up.
This dream made me cry and happy and I thanked for this divine love.

What I wanted to ask was like this it never happened with anybody but with this guy there is love,push and pull and suddenly I get these dreams which made me happy to see him during separation and why I do I get such dreams of hi hugging and kissing...I also keep thinking of him 24\7 and whenever he comes in dream the part where he touches or kisses I get warm and some energy feeling and corresponding chakra spiining...any insight will be helpful...BTW I teach yoga and meditation...this separation is very hard and iam trying my level best not to contact him
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