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Originally Posted by Emm
The thing is, we can't convince anyone of anything. If we meet life with an open mind, have the honest desire to have our questions answered we will experience what we ask for. When you have your extraordinary moments it can take years for it to make sense and even then you can still pull more understanding from it as time goes by. The answers seem to come in layers, as if they belong in different dimensions themselves and we get fleeting access to them depending on our own state of being and what we are wanting from it. Like I said before, its an attraction based universe. That's my own personal take on it anyhow through experiences...but then again, we experience what we believe so who is to say mine is the truth lol.
It may be the case that we are not on this planet to discover the truth. Apparently, we are just here to make diverse experiences. Having different convictions and beliefs, in turn, allows for different experiences. It doesn’t matter if they are accurate or not.
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