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Originally Posted by Ankhesenamun
What is one supposed to do - when going somewhere alone, and having nobody to talk to, I have to think about something.

This looks like the worldly mind, it always seeks something to do. Even nothing. If you tells it to do nothing, then it will literally try to do nothing.

But you do not need to think.

When you are walking in a park, maybe with flowers. Go to a flower and try to smell it. Notice, while short in time - for a second or less, there are no thoughts.

You can expand this no-thought thing.

Notice, for example, when you walk, if you would concentrate on each step, how less thoughts you would have.

Breathing - you can walk and concentrate on conscious breathing - even less thought, while still walking and in safety.

Hearing, notice how you can walk, breath, and hear at the same time and how less and less thoughts you have while doing this.

It is worth a try.

Then when you have walked, breathing, hearing, smelling and using other senses instead of thinking, for a while, think of a person, or food, or a drink that you like, or butterflies. (one thing at a time) then smile and continue doing the walking exercise.
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