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Originally Posted by inavalan
I guess, what you're saying with your last sentence is that there are subjective reasons for which you can't do what it takes to lose weight, even when you know what you have to do.

I believe that most people don't know that equation.

I think the underlying reasons for over-eating are complex and individuaised, but there is also a disfunctional social narrative about nutrition. The truth is successful weight loss requires consuming a calorie deficit sustainably over the long term.

A person with obesity will typically consume 20-30% more calories more than they need to maintain a healthy body fat percentage. It sounds like you would need to consume 20-30% less food, but actually, most people could consume the same volume of food while dropping their calorie intake simply by replacing calorie dense items (high sugar high fat) with nutrient rich/lower calorie alternatives.

The key is to consume relatively high protein because that is most satiating, needs more calories to metabolise and is necessary for maintaining lean muscle while reducing body fat. After a proper pritein target is established, calories can be restricted by reducing carbs, reducing fat, or indeed, reducing both carbs and fat. It is also a good idea to include resistance training to signal the body that it needs to keep the muscle mass it has. People usually say do 'cardio' because that burns more calories, but cardio is not effective in signaling the body to maintain or increase muscle mass.

I see in the world that people do not typically understand these body recomposition adaptions, and are going about things with a 'quick fix' attitude, being sucked in by 'lose weight fast' slogans and 'before and after photo' marketing - which is where all the money is made by misleading vulnerable folk into false hope.

A few of us are telling the truth and we're not selling anything. No juices or supplements, pre-prepared meals, or any particular dietary agenda. True information is saying that reducing body fat percentage necessitates sustaining a lower calorie/higher nutrition eating pattern for the long term - life long.

It don't come 'quick', but it is a sure thing.

There are greater complexes in that mix including both personal and intra-personal aspects, so the simple change I'm talking about in terms of food and activity does have more complicated implications, but these are not insurmountable, and they can all be overcome.
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