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"First, I counted my calories every day for a week to roughly determine my maintenance intake," he says. "Then I decreased the calories by a couple hundred to initiate weight loss. I made incremental reductions, only doing so if my weight plateaued too long. If I reduced my calories too drastically, I knew I would suffer and risk giving up," he adds. Once he had the nutritional component locked in, he aimed to work out three or four days a week.

Meanwhile, he stayed patient, knowing the results would come. "It's science. When consuming in a deficit, weight loss will happen," he says. That's a point he makes often when advising other people on how to begin their weight loss progress. If you're struggling and tempted to hire some outside help, he says to look for a reputable, evidence-based coach. "Make sure they use scientific research to inform much of their thinking," he says. "Even today, I suspect the majority of coaches still believe in myths and bro-science."
Everything expressed here is what I believe. Keep that in mind when you read my post, as I kept it in mind when I wrote it. I don't parrot others. Most of my spiritual beliefs come from direct channeling guidance. I have no interest in arguing whose belief is right, and whose is wrong. I'm here just to express my opinions, and read about others'.
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