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Originally Posted by Petey
I can only respectfully disagree. Fast food is never the answer, regardless of how many hours one works. There is always a way to get real food, and this goes back to the idea that this isn't about "weight loss". It's about included, mental health, including things like a sense of fulfillment. But the second anyone ever thinks they HAVE to eat fast food, they have abdicated their personal freedom. And once that happens, weight loss and even just health aren't even up for discussion.

They're not forced to eat only terrible food, or to not exercise. I suppose people in such modern planned cities and landscapes could choose the salad option, go to Subway (already more expensive than the rest), and do push ups and planks every morning. This however will take discipline and if your environment is bombarding you with something else it gets exceedingly hard to leave that norm. It's just harder to accomplish if a civilization is built a certain way..

If this were only about individual responsibility and discipline we wouldn't see these differences between ''western'' countries, as they emphasize individuality. Also, for some people it's easy to say no to a beer or a cigarette in their teenage years, but for a sizeable portion of many societies it is not..
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