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Originally Posted by hallow
Hi again! What things make you happy?

Sorry for the late response. I did not see your question!

Right now, it is the little things that make me happy. I have a deep appreciation for the fact that I have clean, running water for drinking, washing and bathing. It's the little things sometimes. Some countries don't even have clean, running water. I have a nice water filter; The water tastes so pure. Imagine a smart phone!

My father was always very deep into celebrating the holidays. So the Christmas and birthday gifts always brought me joy as a child. We even had a deal that if I got all A's and B's in school, he would buy me another toy.

But, that was happiness in more of a superficial way. Today, it's more deep and meaningful for me, like I said. I'm just glad people are nice to me. I live in a peaceful area, and that is great. People out on the street say hello most of the time. I go out to stores and I just enjoy making small talk with people and being pleasant. I always have.

Thank you so much for asking, Hallow. It makes me happier talking about. It is a practice everyone should try!


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