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Reading for traceyacey12

I am taking your question, if there is a newer question feel free to ask.

What does G feel like he needs to work on before we embark on anything serious?

7 of pentacles, 6 of cups

Strangely the same card came up from a previous question when you had asked what he needs to compromise on to be with you. Something on similar lines I am feeling.
Developing more sincerity, tolerance, understanding and depth. Almost a child like wonder , a purity of purpose and integrity of a connection and interaction with you, it almost feel non romantic this energy, but more on spiritual wavelengths. Hard work, commitment, sincerity, tolerance and sacrificing those things not needed for a higher path. You could almost be the teacher and him the disciple.
It feels you are mostly striking a good balance between work and relationship this person.

I hope this relates for you at this time, if there is a different question , let us know, thanks ~

Next reading for angelic star

What will be the outcome if N and I start talking to each other ?
Lovers, Wheel of fortune

Anything could happen, spontaneity and lots of communication.
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