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Reading for angelicstar
What lessons have I learned from my interactions with A ?

8 of Pent, Tower rev, King of Swords

This is suggesting to me that you may at times have put a looooot of time, effort and energy into the relationship... but ultimately there was a bit of a rude awakening and you've come to realise that this kind of work/effort isn't always warranted. The impression here is that hopefully you will be less of a doormat/be less hasty in epic contributions to a relationship - and are in the process of building a clearer idea of what you're looking for in a relationship, but also a clearer idea of how you feel you should behave in a relationship too (especially with respect to how much you contribute to it).

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I am a sucker for asking stupid questions I have self-read on excessively in the past, so sure, why not, let's do the stupid thing again -_-

Q: Will I enter a love relationship with P (from work) within the next 12 months?

A: 4 of Wands reversed. Eh, this card is hard for me to read. There looks like some kind of success here, but it's muted; not full.
Need to know: Page of Cups. I'm definitely seeing emotional stirrings here. But again - to what degree? Not sure. The two cards together suggest to me that there may be some open heart-to-hearts; traditionally Page of Cups can represent new emotional beginnings so at best, yes there may be a relationship here.
Advice and likely outcome: King of Swords + the World are both saying there needs to be some clarity and strategy here. I'm feeling that there will be some resolution/closure either way by the end of the 12 month period (and more towards the end of it!!!). It looks like something may start... but how defined, not sure.
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