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Originally Posted by jonesboy
Sorry sky but that is not true and just one example.

I have offered to introduce you many times so that you can know for yourself. For years now and you have instead declined and offered insults.

It is one thing to not believe I get that it is another to be offered proof and to decline and offer insults instead as you always do.

You have others on this forum saying the same thing as me, recommending the same people as I do.

No point in debating you about something you don't believe in or ever wish to experience.

So, it would be nice if you haven't experienced a thing or wish to see if it is true for you not to comment on things of which you have no experience of.

I have had experience since being a child, without any outside help, I know the mind control some people try on others but I am not interested as I have had experience of seeing the damage it can do to vunerable people. All the answers are within.... the placebo effect is amazing because it does help some people help themselves and that's what's important.
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